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Helen. Anne, and the Power of "Aha" Moments

by Phil Tenaglia,

August 15, 2022, 3 min. read.

Helen Keller was a world-famous author, educator, and political activist. As an infant, she lost her sight and hearing to an unknown illness. Helen spent her early years in darkness and confusion, but her family had the means to hire a young, determined woman named Anne Sullivan (herself visually impaired) to teach her how to read and write.

It was slow going, and Helen kicked up quite a fuss. There was no quit in Anne as she was equally fiery and committed. The two of them were very important to each other. Anne had an "aha moment" when she astutely noticed that the accepted methods for teaching Helen to read were not working. Her aha led to finger spelling the people, objects, and experiences that interested Helen into Helen's hand. Within this accepting, validating, and determined setting, Anne had set the stage for the appearance of more aha's. 

Helen's aha moment happened when Anne used her fingers to spell "water" into...

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