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How to Problem Solve Like a Pro


Let me get real here. We all want a life, a job, a relationship that is problem free , or at least something pretty darn close to it . 

Reality informs us that life is not a constant state of ecstatic wonder. On the way to valued and vital learning, working and living, we encounter problems. All kinds of problems.

So why is it that that we spend so little time learning what works for becoming a successful problem solver?

Problems will continue to present themselves in our lives but they don't have to bog us down. Creative problem solving is a skill and one that anyone can learn with some practice. 

The Prosocial Matrix is a great tool to generate solutions that work in any setting. Check out my webinar and find out what it takes boost your team's problem solving skills to the next level.



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Making Smart Choices in Work and Life


Everyone wants to make smart choices. The question is, how do you know which choice to make? We can spend lots of time deciding, let somebody else choose, or close our eyes and pick. Getting better at making choices that work is a skill and anyone can learn and this is what I am up to here at Evolving Solutions.

I help individuals and organizations make wise decisions for profitability and health so they can be productive and have a healthy workplace at the same time.

This is a webinar introducing one aspect of the work I do. Here I show individuals and work teams how to use the prosocial matrix to make wise decisions. If you are new to your job, looking to help fix or help out your team,  or looking to up your game, check it out. It works.


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