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How to Respond to the Growing Mental Health Crisis in Schools

According to both the American Psychological Association and the Center for Disease Control, there is an overwhelming demand for psychological services for school-age children. 

This translates into millions of children with severe underlying issues that stem from many sources, not the least of which is the ongoing effects of the pandemic.

Many initiatives are underway to send more mental health professionals into our educational institutions. As someone who has worked in the field for many years, I know that there are not enough of them to meet the need. 

School-based mental health specialists (psychologists, social workers, counselors, SEL coordinators) have traditionally been called on to provide services and consultation for all students. They and the classroom teachers are the first service responders students and parents encounter when difficulties arise. They are uniquely positioned to effect change and make a difference in mental health and wellness....

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The ACT Matrix Guide: A Mindful Process for SEL, Mental Health, Collaboration and Achievement


This guide has been over 10 years in the making and was developed from the daily interactions of teachers and learners. It allows you to dive into social-emotional learning with no additional training or expertise. That is because it quickly establishes an engaging point-of-view with a simple diagram and a few respectful questions. It is for the busy professional, youth worker, assistant, or other specialist working to make a difference.

The ACT Matrix Guide transforms social-emotional learning by building self-awareness, self-regulation, and prosocial behavior in real-time with no need for downloads or manuals. It is meant to be used alongside whatever you do that works. With a little practice, you will help others move toward shared purposes, valued actions,  and common goals. You will reduce your stress and spend more time influencing and less time managing.

It is available through National Professional Resources, a leader in resources for busy professionals. ...

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