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A Social-Emotional Learning and Intelligence Process in a Trifold !

The ACT Matrix Laminated Guide is a dynamic process designed for everyday use in classrooms, schools, and other organizations. It is a cutting edge approach that is easy to learn and implement.

Six pages of a rock solid, field-tested way to harness engagement and collaboration, the ACT Matrix gives leaners a powerful tool for their own growth and development. More teaching. More learning and less stress follows naturally the more you use it.

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Life Coaching with the ACT Matrix: Now Available for Instant Download

This 18-page workbook contains outlines, checklists, and note-taking pages for promoting psychological flexibility in your coaching sessions. 

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Announcing a New Paradigm to Leadership, Crisis Management, and Business Building

In our new book, we will show you step by step how you can master even the most difficult situations and provide individuals and teams with the tools to move past obstacles and reach their goals.

Combining years of experience, modern science, and the latest technology, the proven techniques, and strategies from the book, you can:

• Collaborate with others effectively.

• Learn to handle difficult situations.

• Get relief from stress, burnout, and frustration while helping others do the same.

• Open your channel and become a recognized leader and influencer.

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If you are looking for relief download the Guide : How Psychological Flexibility Can Get You Unstuck and Moving!

How to Reduce Stress, Get More Mindful and Inspire Those You Serve

The ACT Matrix for Psychological Flexibility, Safety and Success!

The ACT Matrix is a simple way of visualizing the cognitive-behavioral approach to values-based behaviors known as Acceptance and Commitment Training ( ACT). Dr. Kevin Polk developed the matrix as a way of quickly engaging people in a collaborative learning process.

The Matrix is a point of view that gets big results. It is based on research and the science of what works to get individuals and groups moving toward what matters both personally and professionally.

The target of the ACT Matrix is psychological flexibility. The latest research supports promoting psychological flexibility as the cornerstone of psychological health and well being. The Matrix process "loosens up" individuals and groups that struggle by empowering them to move toward resilience and persistence in the face of everyday obstacles and challenges.

A Quick Primer on the Psychological Flexibility Point of View

The Matrix is a diagram of how we learn. We take in information from our five senses and respond to what comes our way (The World of Action). All of that ends up inside of us. The World of the Mind is the sum total of all of our experiences and whatever thought, urges and feelings that show up along the way.

Where are Your Actions Taking YOU?

Everything we do is for a reason or purpose. We seek to move toward what satisfies us and seek relief from inner obstacles like fear, frustration, and self-doubt. Knowing where our actions are taking us allows us to stay on course when the ride gets bumpy or to make the necessary corrections.


Psychological Flexibility Pulls It All Together!

Psychological Flexibility is the process of noticing what we are doing, what our minds are up to and what will work to get us where we want to go, even when the unwanted stuff shows up.

The matrix is a model of the science of what works to increase our ability to take effective and empowering action in the world. When we apply it to groups it leads them to feel safe, speak up, contribute meaningfully and work together toward shared purposes and success. In business the matrix leads groups to collaborate, connect and create.

Discover the Power of Psychological Flexibility Training Live or Virtually

Are You Looking for Effective and Powerful Social Emotional Learning Tools?

The ACT Matrix is an immediately engaging and simple process to promote awareness of self and others for learners of all ages. Using it leads to less stress and happier and healthier classrooms.

This empowering, evidenced based approach was developed by Dr. Kevin Polk, author of several ACT Matrix texts and peer reviewed trainer. It is known world wide as "the workability model" and has endless applications for those who use it.

The Matrix has been field-tested in classrooms and educational programs. It targets all of the core SEL areas naturally. Teachers report that it boosts student achievement, reduces stress, and leads to improved prosocial behavior among learners.

The ACT Matrix ramps up SEL by promoting psychological flexibility, the ability to notice one's actions and use experience to manage difficult impulses and experiences. Using the matrix increases creativity and allows learners to develop their own problem-solving tools.

At the group and classroom level the matrix promotes psychological safety, leading to shared purposes, increased cooperation and collaboration.

The matrix benefits both teachers and students by establishing a shared point of view that facilitates learning and communication. It gets everyone on the same page while allowing for diversity and individual experience. It is highly adaptive and is easily integrated into your daily routines. You spend more time teaching and your students spend more time learning!

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Would You Like In Person / Online Training that Gets Results with Less Hassles?

I have a passion for training and presenting the Matrix, known as the "psychological flexibity point of view". 

Matrix training is like bike riding. You learn by practice or doing. As you practice with it you notice what works and the ride becomes smooth and rewarding for you and those you serve.

The Matrix point of view is based on the experience of the user. My live trainings are hands on and designed to leave you with functional tools you can use immediately.

I offer online trainings based on your knowledge and willingness to try out the point of view


This introduces you to the Matrix point of view. You learn how to set the visual and verbal context, and ask a few powerful and respectful questions that will increase psychological flexibility and learning.


Once you have the basics down you will be introduced to verbal aikido or the art of spinning words that turn diificult conversations toward understanding and solutions.


This is for those who want to dive deeper and use the matrix as a unifying intervention to spark creativity and productivity for themselves and those they serve.

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Are Your Teams Struggling, Disorganized or Distressed?

Does your organization or workplace  struggle with morale issues? Are your teams in conflict, hurting or losing steam? The ACT Matrix will help them get unstuck and re-energized. Productivity and renewed commtiments to your mission soon follow.

We will come to your site and show you and your workteams how to move toward shared purposes, neutralize conflicts and increase productivity. Helping teams thrive will also reduce absenteeism and employee turnover.

Training can be tailored to your organization's needs. It centers around  a 3 Step Plan to build consensus , develop workable goals and monitor results over time.

Step 1 

How to use the Prosocial Matrix to develop shared purposes for work teams, identify obstacles and boost morale.


How to move past sticking points using verbal aikido to reduce conflicts and self-sabotage within teams.


We teach you how to fish on your own so that you and your team can use the prosocial matrix process as on ongoing tool to move toward your goals.

Our style is active and enagaging.  We will work with you to get the results you want. You will have the tools you need to implement immediate and lasting change.

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I am enjoying and learning a lot from Phil’s webinars and trainings!  I have used the Matrix with my clients throughout the lifespan.  Using the Matrix has created  a new way of looking at the world and has stimulated an avenue to create clearer insight.

Christina Pettinato MS, NCC
Speciality Counselor

As a Student Assistance Counselor, I deal with a variety of issues. Phil’s matrix training has allowed me to promote flexibility and growth with students struggling with addiction. I have seen them use it to take charge of their recovery and spend more time pursuing what is meaningful to them.

The matrix is an excellent tool that can be used in schools, buisnesses and treatment centers. It has helped me grow as a counselor and increase my own flexibility, effectiveness and productivity.

Maura Nixon MA, SAC

I work with Phil and been using the matrix in my classroom for several years. Working with students who are disaffected and discouraged is challenging but the matrix gives them  powerful tools that increases their chances for success. They and I definitely notice the difference!

Andrew Bezila, Secondary Teacher

Phil is a local champ when it comes to therapeutic strategies and support methodology. I have had the good fortune to train with Phil which has strenthened my consultation and intervention skills. The ACT Matrix is a can’t miss program.

John Lestino
School Psychologist
NASP Delegate

Phil Tenaglia, Founder of Evolving Solutions and ACT Matrix Coach and Trainer

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