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A Simple and Sustainable Practice for Your Mental Health.

We at TAMA have noticed that this month is designated Mental Health Awareness month. I think my mental health is pretty important during the other 11 months, but it is nice that what goes on between our ears is getting some attention.

I and my colleagues Kevin and Tina are big fans of psychological flexibility. Psychological flexibility is to notice what works and what doesn’t work to get you where you want to go. Kevin and colleagues said in The Essential Guide to the ACT Matrix, “ Over twenty years of international ACT research suggests that psychological flexibility is key to mental health and optimal living.”

What this means from our perspective is that the best way we know of to promote our mental health and the mental health of those we serve is to make a loop around the Matrix.

Somebody can make a Mental Health Matrix Loop anywhere. You could be stuck in traffic, sitting at your desk, having a coffee break, or out for a stroll. If it helps you draw the two crossed lines and write out the questions, it is not necessary to go that far.



I visualize the diagram in my head and ask (in my head or out loud), “who’s important to me?”. Then I notice who shows up. Then I ask myself, “What yucky stuff is or has been showing up?”. Again, I then see what shows up. Same for asking myself about what I do to get relief from my yucky stuff and what I might do to approach some satisfaction with my important stuff. Then I ask myself if I can notice opportunities to notice all of this as I meander through my day. 

The Mental Health Matrix Loop is my sustainable and straightforward path on my daily journey to moving toward my important people and getting stuff done.

Maybe someday there will be a Psychological Flexibility Awareness month? That would be cool.

Announcing Student Crowdcasts

We have lots of fun in our weekly meetings with our Business Building and Life Coaching students. They come from all walks of life, and we have formed a wonderful group of folks who enjoy getting together to do good work. 

Starting last week and continuing into this week, we have invited students to join us on Crowdcast and show their stuff. We have gotten a tremendous response and are looking forward to having them on with us and opening their channels. 

Please sign up to catch them in action if you get the chance. Learning how to show up on Crowdcast and two loops is helping them to up their game, and it is an honor to see them leaning in and creating lots of cool stuff. 

Matrix Talk at Crowdcast

You can also sign up and watch the recording. We hope to see you during the week!

Field Guides, Workbooks, and More

Tina Long has been very busy creating awesome content for TAMA students and visitors. She is our resident social media guru and content creator curator. One of the big reasons why we like Crowdcast is that it is great for generating eBooks, courses, podcasts, books, etc. She will be giving folks a behind-the-scenes look at her craft.

Please stop by Crowdast and the TAMA website to keep up with her latest developments.

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